Friday, 26 June 2009

A productive week...for Project K

Josh and I having a productive week.....( he's the brown lump on the floor)...

I'm currently preparing some new paintings to display in September. The work will be on show for the Northamptonshire Open studios, and this years working title/ theme is 'A very English country garden.'

I really enjoy gardens of all kinds, from grand affairs to courtyards. I revel in the structure and planning that underpins a good garden, the planting of shrubs and flowers and the vibrancy of the new years colours before the heat of the Summer takes them over the edge. For my inspiration I'm using the beautiful grounds and walled garden of a local country house. It's a cracking convenient location and wonderfully cared for.

I considered using the gardens as a prop during the Summer of 2008 and over the following winter I started knocking up some ideas and images. The winter months were a challenging time, what with economic gloom and presiding greyness of all sorts, I therefore I decided to attack the project with some colour! 'Lifting the spirits so to speak (It hits the mark for me!!)'

My painterly work tends to have a earthy cool palette of colours, 'serious colours maybe'... I wanted to express myself in an optimistic and cheerful way and using the exciting shadows, shapes and colours that established gardens in sunlight offer.
The early ground work on this project is displayed here on this blog under the banner of 'Project K' and it's proven to be a really good starting point for this body of new work. I'm not sure where this creative journey will take me or where the work will land up's most enjoyable and a really exciting process.

The image above is a part of this weeks progress and when time allows I'll be sharing more.. and then when I'm ready I'll have the entire display on line. So, keep your eyes peeled! And more information about the Open Studios very very soon.


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