Wednesday, 7 October 2009

even more doodlingettes...

I really love sketching and roughing stuff out. I spent a great deal of time working live in the streets on holiday recently. It isn't an easy or comfortable thing for me to undertake. Normally I work images up in the comfort of my studio... and in truth I've found it intimidating sitting in situ there for all to see and errrr whatever...a confidence thing I guess but that is in the past .. I've burned my creative bra so to speak (Ahem... cerebral man bra of course) and now 'I'm!' It's all a part of me breaking the shackles of drawing straight lines and using drawing implements. Nowadays I much prefer a wobbly line that carries some emotion and an impression of what I'm getting at. I've had over 20 years of drawing accurate measured illustrations ( I'm not complaining of course) it's just time for a change...'and I'm enforcing a change.' So 'long live wobbly lines some acrylic paint and a tad of photoshop!!'

I'm currently working on a new portfolio of work that will demonstrate this change of direction and really applies to my commercial illustration side of things. It's a positive departure and my recent doodlings that I've offered give a sort of indication to the direction in which my work is changing. So I'll be showing off soon.... so in the meantime I'm getting the hang of things in a wobbly line kinda way and experimenting.

My painterly stuff is having a short rest whilst I come up with some new Ideas and plan future events.

However it's been a busy and productive year and a selection of my current paintings will be on show and for sale at the
Alfred East Gallery in Kettering from Saturday 10th until November 14th along with other talented members of the KDAS.
Also my new work is being displayed along with my prints and cards at the lovely Quinns Bookshop / Gallery at Three Crowns Yard in Market Harborough.

So there you go, some news and pastures new soon.

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