Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The drawing board and the easel.

Just thought I'd fill in some of the gaps here.
Time spent between these postings are work periods when I'm grafting and working on more architectural based projects. Thinking, designing, conceptualising and visualising etc...

I've not really wanted use this blog as a notice board to flag up this side of my work ...'however after some prodding'... or 'encouragement'......I've decided to show a little, to keep you up to speed so to speak.
And, it is after all, another (major) facet of my work .

This type of work is usually 'work in progress' and I won't be discussing the nature of it..

So, in the future, it'll be more from the drawing board as well as the easel

The Illustrations are A2 size, painted in acrylics and kissed by photoshop.

1 comment:

PD said...

This looks very much like the gentrification of Kettering. If you have some say in the overall scheme of the market square can we have some more colour?

It all looks a little 'vanilla' to me