Thursday, 2 December 2010


It's been snowing and it's really really naturally I thought, 'grasp the moment Chris'....and go for a walk with Muttley and sketch book. So stupidly I did!
I quickly knocked up sketches with a view to producing some paintings of my walk.....I soon realised just how cold it was and I was catching my breath with cold...this condition restricts your ability to speak and breathe properly, all your chosen words become shortened...Howeve  r  I carri ed on regar  d   less....and walke d for abou....t a d to dra   w  some nice stuff t o  o  and soooooon realised just ow colorf   ul white     ne    ss is... Mi   ght  try it again wh    en it'   s  wa  r mer.

Whre  es me f  lask...?

Acrylic on panel 21x30cm 

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PD said...

seems like only artists and children really like the snow.

I remember a great painting by monet of a snow scene with pinks and light blues in the snow. Not easy to avoid the sugary-ness of such a scene, but I like this sketch of yours.