Monday, 30 July 2012

Down by the river side...

I've been wandering of late and preparing work for my next solo exhibition next year.
'Whilst walking by water' is really taking shape and is taking me places within the county that I have ignored or have been unaware of. Last week I spent some time in Denford, Northamptonshire and walked along the River Ouse. Though a hot and sunny evening, we've had so much rain that the river had breached it's banks and created lovely pools. Much enjoyed by the bird life of course and I had a terrific couple of hours wading around. Big skies here too... I'll be back!

Lift off, Denford
Acrylic on panel


the veg artist said...

That is just beautiful!

chris prout said...

Thank you... That's a lovely thing to say.
I appreciate it.