Saturday, 8 September 2012

Open studios and 'oh' what a day!'

A fantastic turnout, quite overwhelming at times and on such a beautiful day. Thanks you to you all that made the effort to stop by. I'm feeling flattered, quite knackered and I've nattered for hours and hours. My tongue feels like it's done two marathons, my feet ache and Josh has been fussed to bits. He's been a very good boy indeed. I've had stonking help from the local Loddites for which I'm truly truly grateful...  and when I can muster the energy to write more, I shall.

It all happens once again tomorrow and I'm really really looking forward to it.
Nos da

Pic: All systems go!
The day started like this and just got busier and busier...


Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Excellent. Just tell me you didn't bake the cakes yourself.

chris prout said...

Err, well.... hmm.....' I did arrange them on plates and offer a few out.'

They all went down very well... but no, 'I'm no caker baker maker!'

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Thank goodness for that x