Thursday, 18 October 2012

another slice through life

Have had a few nice trips recently in and around the Oundle area. There's some splendid countryside and water to enjoy. The countryside is fairly flat it's fair to say but lots of interesting viewpoints for me  to work with. It'll certainly feature in next years solo show. I'm currently working on smallish works with a view to working things up bigger. I'm enjoying the process of studying my subject matter, producing some quick images and letting the ideas marinate for a while. As my thoughts form the paintings change in my mind and they give me a fresh angle to attack the bigger works.  I do like this way of working, it helps me break up the image and allows me to dilute the information as I really don't want to produce a facsimile of the view, a 'notion of' is what I seek. Texture, movement and ambiance is what I want you to grasp... and simply offering a 'slice through life.'

The Nene, bank, bail and distant wood... is in the works


the veg artist said...

I like the phrase "dilute the information". I think what we remember about scenes is more about feelings than actual reality. There are many artists around here who go in for the reproduction approach, and it is very clever, but it leaves me cold. Work that has been thought about and interpreted is far more satisfying.

chris prout said...

I whole heartedly agree.. well said!

Photorealism is not for me... For I have an imagination.

You can be 'touched' without handling something and one can 'taste' without eating. Our senses are complex.. and lovely for it too.