Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Near me...

I'm very busy producing lots of new work... though I have little say about it all just for now. The work is based on me and the pooch walking near the waterways in Northamptonshire.

As a county we are landlocked but do have some nice watery byways to enjoy and explore. I'm hoping we have a bit of leaf fall soon.. The countryside is still camoflaged and I want to see the wire frame construction of our landscape. There's so much to see behind the high dense hedges that is a noticable feature or obstruction in this windy county. They serve a purpose of course ... but I'm just being greedy!

Above is a painting of a lovely village near me. Here the River Ise snakes it's way through the pretty and undulating countryside.

The River Ise at Rushton
Acrylic on canvas 100 x70cm

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