Wednesday, 7 November 2012


There's lots going on here and I'm rather engrossed in my work... When creatively consumed I can't really think of too much else and writing about my painterly stuff has to take a break... My head is full paintings, my hands are covered in paint, my ears are burning with lush sounds and my feet are submerged in sienna and ochre as the autumn leaves swim around my feet.
It's a great time of year and a visual feast...It's all crammed into my cerebral part, in the pages of my sketch book and smeared on canvas in my studio den. I'm working in the field too and I'm enjoying the spontaneous aspect to the work...  It's all a bit ooh... arrrr... ah.. 'exciting!'

Above: Wadenhoe mill...
After the rains the Nene is fit to exploded!

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