Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Love on the locks... another reprise.

More wandering along the waters edge for me and one of my very favourite places is Foxton locks. The Leicestershire countryside is at it's finest here but it's the activity, engineering and the relaxed civilised atmosphere that clinches the deal for me. There's so much to analise, draw and paint. It offers lovely walks (and with some hills!), it's dog friendly and has a pub ta boot!  'How wonderfuel' I hear you cry!' And.. there's always people around of all ages holding hands.. aww.

I've recently knocked up a few paintings.... here's a sample and a mini pop up Prout exhibition.

Big Un 90x90cm
Liddle uns 30x30cm

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the veg artist said...

You and Josh seem to have the recipe for an ideal life.