Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Something got me thinking...
Last week a music buff friend of mine sent me a link to a website offering up some info.
It was a celebration of a favourite album of mine 'but a 30th anniversary!!!'  Like I needed reminding.

Remastered it says... Hmm... Albums are often given a clean pair of heels with the remastered version etc... Paintings aren't.

So, I pondered... 'if I was remaster one of my pictures which would it be and how.'
It's all about needs and wants I thought. I 'need' some spring warmth and I 'want ' some morning light to gently tickle my cold bones...   So I closed my eyes and went for it.  And here it is! Sappy fresh and new! A 2013 remix, remastered and a version of one of my most successful paintings to date.

I'm pretty sure this one will make an appearance in the summer show during July.

By the way here's my prompt!  http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/tears-for-fears-hint-at-the-hurting-30th-anniversary-celebrations/   But 30 years ago...good grief.  And I need to inform the world... I have never never never worn a mullet like this lot ok..

As yet untitled..
90x90cm on canvas

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the veg artist said...

A bit like the word 'retro'. Doesn't have quite the same appeal when you can remember it the first time around!