Thursday, 23 May 2013

New books, new painting!

Some new books of the lovely work of Jan Eardley and Barbara Rae. Offering the 'Prout creative nerve centre' insight and energy. Oh yes.. and a new painting from me too. This will on display in July.

Spring should always be like this... Wadenhoe.
Acrylic on panel
40x40cm plus frame


Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Green with envy

the veg artist said...

The best sort of treats!

Jane Aston said...

Plenty of perusal material and the paintings are reflective and dynamic as is the way of the P's P.
Have you been out much sketching. I have been forced to retreat indoors.

chris prout said...

Hi Jane

Hmm, have too admit that it has been a bit cold.. and I've been spending much time in the warmth and beautiful light of my studio.

Hopefully soon, things will warm up.