Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Things change, change things...

I've been finding scraps of rather nice watercolour paper lurking in the darkness of my drawing chest. As much as I enjoy wood and canvas...'It's rather a refreshing change!' I'm still plonking down acrylic of course along with a bit of gouache and graphite. But I do like the tactile nature of heavy paper.

Illustrated above a recent piece from my series 'whilst walking by water'.  It doesn't feature in the exhibition at 78 Derngate next month but will appear very soon somewhere interesting. It's not rejected of course, it's something I want to hang on to for a while and use it as a bench mark for the coming months.  It looks great behind glass too and I'm benefiting from having it in my living room.
I enjoy changing things...  sometimes one has to, sometimes they evolve.... Things here are evolving and three cheers for that!

A brighter evening after passing rains....
Cransley Reservoir

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