Saturday, 13 July 2013

Awww, what a night.. what a week!

'I'm in recovery' for it's been a hectic fortnight.

I've been dashing here and there from South Wales to Northampton and back. I've seen sky and sea with such Mediterranean colours I could hardly believe it was Wales. It will surely mutate the palette in the coming weeks. We had great fun setting up my solo exhibition in Northampton. Much gratitude to my official helper Mark and the staff at No78 whom collectively made it a very easy process indeedy.

Last weeks 'meet the artist' was a hoot. A really good turn out on such a scorching day. We enjoyed excellent feedback and good sales too. Then of course there was the British Lions, who were roaring into the record books, a superb Wimbledon from that famous Welsh super tennis star Blodwyn Murray clinching the title with some style. And just right now our cricketers are doing what they should be by whopping the Aussies... Far too much to enjoy! And then there was the smashing charity event last night on behalf of the British Red Cross.   'Phew.. What a scorcher it was and in so many ways!'  A wonderful turnout for a great cause on such a warm night at such a great venue.  I was thrilled to be invited and a successful way for me to end a hectic period of work and general running around.

The show goes on of course and my exhibition continues until 29th September. It runs concurrently with the Northamptonshire Open Studio Arts Festival in September. So in short, you'll have a chance to see how and where it's all done and lots more besides.

For now however, I'm itching to get back in the studio...

Below is a flavour of my current exhibition and I do hope you can pop along.


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chris prout said...

Kind words.. Thank you very much.