Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hours well spent

In recent days I've been undertaking a house clearance. One unearths all sorts of memories and wonders and especially in the attic, a room I hadn't ventured into for well over 20 years. Underneath a pile of old dusty books, sketchpads, curtains and dishevelled teddy bears, and rolled in perfect condition was one of my old technical drawings from art college. Lying next to it a portfolio full of drawings in line and airbrush. It reminded me of days and days of drawing as a youf...and of course where I am now with things. I still love drawing and the time has served me well.

Crafted in ink and rotring pen my old 'Austin Healy Sprite.' 
And alongside a new sketch from Norfolk


the veg artist said...

"Has a facility with a pencil." Obviously served you well!

Jane Aston said...

I remember drawing curls of paper for exercises in drawing. I've moved so often I have little left of art school days. I'm envious of your saving things. I imagine it's a wee bit disturbing too. The Rotring pen was a big part of my life for many years.