Sunday, 22 September 2013

And finally and briefly and..

Well, there we go. The Open Studios Festival is over and another successful run of weekends. I'm  flattered and chuffed with the number of peeps who paid us a visit to say 'Oi', we like your doodles'.. The weather has been kind which has helped no end and today has been a blinder in so many ways. A huge thank you to those that came along, nattered, shared information, purchased and ate all my cake! A massive thank you to Tara, Abigail, Joy, Anne-Marie, Karen, Paul and Mark. Quite simply without the help of these folk I'd be a mess. Much heartfelt gratitude to you all.

Next year things will change... My painterly life is moving on in a very positive way and I shall rest for OS 2014 in Loddington.  I'm stretching a bigger canvas, more elbow space is required, a different look and new territory ensues.

My solo show at 78 Derngate in is it's final days.. It's been a very happy and successful run. I'm delighted with the sales and especially the feedback which has been terrific. You've until 29th September to enjoy the moment. So pop along and do share your Premium Bond winnings!

And finally... There's one fella who features very quietly behind the scenes, the best meeter and greeter you could ever wish to have, he's soooo well behaved and an absolute joy to have in my lifespace... and of course it's 'Josh dog.'  I'm blessed to have such a wonderful pooch. Thank you all that fussed him. He's a very happy boy!

And 'finally, finally'..  As the lights dim on this glorious and balmy September evening..  we chink a glass, sip, and 'thank you' to all the visitors who make my OS such a special and enjoyable event.


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