Thursday, 21 November 2013

My tail is up!

I'm really busy here painting for next years summer extravaganza. Lots of new work painted already and I'm very much enjoying my new territory of North Norfolk. Illustrated here are some monotone sketches. Next years exhibition will feature these working pieces... I think its nice to demonstrate the thinking and drawing behind the bigger works. I rather love drawing and

And as we're nattering about 'new territory' my exhibition in Rowsley Derbyshire has come to an end. Sales were terrific and lovely comments too... I'm thrilled and hope to return very soon. If you went along to have a look, thank you very much. Also much gratitude to Keith and Gill at Gallerytop for producing such a beautiful show. Exhibiting alongside the terrific Eddie Curtis was an inspired choice of ceramicist and a lucky ol painter.  If you are still intrigued and keen to purchase for Christmas... Gallerytop currently  have a selection of my work for sale.

Ok.. I'm full of beans, the sun is shinning, lots of new work on the go, much to plan for next year and ...onwards

Sketch studies
Waters Edge, evening sky and Stranded
20x20cm Acrylic on paper.

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