Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mind what you put on your knee!

I rarely rubbish work... I generally have a kind of  notion and direction in which I'd like things to go. I had great intentions for this piece. It stated off well enough and after painting and painting more, repainting and repainting the repainting.. I realised I'd missed the point!  A hissy fit ensued..  'right come here you b*ta*d, I'm sick of the sight of ...!!!! etc!  I put it over my knee and into four it was shredded!! Done!..

Feeling much better and considering the Dyson, laying neatly on the studio floor, a plan chest distance away and a quarter of it's original size was what I was trying to achieve..  It now makes for a nice visual and looks natty in a frame.. I shall go back to it.

So fellow artists and nosy folk... do mind what you shred, do mind what you put on your knee... 'and just be mindful that 'all may not be lost...'

A visual for something much bigger!
Was once 40x40cm, now 18x 20cm plus cardboard hanging over with a bit of floppy paper.
Acrylic on artboard etc..With additional temper tantrum and commitment.


Jane Aston said...

I remember cutting up some of my collographs when I did my Fine Art's degree. The results were very satisfying to me. The prints that came out of them more suggestive and strange. My tutors asked me about my process but didn't seem impressed. I still rate the little prints I produced as some of the most attractive work I did. I like this I'd like to see the other bits too.
I'm doing very small water colours. I just looked at your blog for inspiration as to how to frame them. I love the frames you make.

chris prout said...

Hello Jane
Thank you for your comments :-)

Getting things wrong and experimenting is part of the process... I welcome happy mistakes. Although it is at times 'frustrating!!'

The frames I make are bespoke, all hand painted and take too long... However, they make a massive difference to the finished product. It's worth taking time to get your framed 'look' just right. I hope you find something on my blog that helps you on your way Jane ... would be great to see the end results.
Good luck...