Monday, 7 April 2014

Stress testing...

As a part of the process in the production of a painting I do tend to compose and storyboard my ideas. I usually produce a working drawing which are often pretty near the finished article in terms of proportion and mood. They help me focus on the essential qualities of the image and aid in the deletion of unnecessary information. So 'less is more, more or less...'

These small works are getting some nice attention nowadays and they look pretty natty framed up. I like them, I'm pleased others do too..

Here's one of Chatsworth on a sunny spring afternoon. 20x20cm plus frame Acrylic on paper.

This shot was taken seconds before the framed image lept off my shelf...  I'm pleased to announce that this is a quality product that remained intact, unbruised.... just needed a little dusting ok....
'Creative Vorssprungdurchtechnik and clumsiness!' :-)

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