Saturday, 10 May 2014

I'm sorry I haven't a clue...

People often say...'Prouty' I'd love to watch you paint. I say 'not likely' It's dangerous stuff and you be issued with a health and safety warning!

Being truthful I have no idea how I get from A-Z... Of course I have a subliminal formula but a great deal of my work is from the head and heart.. As I've said before it's a tad  'environmotional.'  I like it that way for it keeps me guessing too... Reassuringly enough though it always ends up looking like I've painted it.. So that I guess is good.

Recently I tried capturing fleeting moments of a work in progress. Illustrated here is a very brief glimpse... And if you do have a notion how I achieve an end result. Can you let me know please.

The Emperor and Canal
90x90 on Canvas

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