Saturday, 9 August 2014

Starting point

Today I start a new project with a working title of 'Homes and Gardens' ( I'll think of a more original title soon..) For a brief time I want to get back to some structure, architecture, form and function and mix it all up with mood and memory. Drawing is the important structure to my work and this will give me the necessary backbone to produce a small but nice body of work. So some time to go outside and draw from life.  Hopefully all will be on show next month. Let's see how we go!
Ok, illustrated here to the left is my starting point. What it doesn't show you are the scamps on paper, me scratching my head, endless cups of coffee and any sort of diversionary task to get things going. It"s all a part of the process.. BUT when I'm off 'I'm off!' Anyway, I'm off now, honestly, I think... yeah, hmm, ok and errr...  here goes!! (artist sharpens pencil.. picks up dog lead.. and...he's off!)

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