Monday, 29 September 2014

It's high time....

I've had this watercolour on the back burner for sometime. I'm incredibly fond of it. The shape, narrative and colourway. I also love Newport in North Pembrokeshire and will be visiting there once again very soon. However just right now I need to be breathe in, step outside my comfort zone, flex the palette knife and squidge the cadmium yellow, close my eyes, dream, visualise, smell the atmosphere, emotionalise the warmth and plough on, make a picture and share my memory.

I'll keep you informed! :-)

Bulls and Cows, Newport, WestWelshland

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Deborah Darling said...

Oh this is very lovely and I am so pleased you had a wonderful open studios. Also good news that HRH will be visiting soon :) have a nice breather and a smashing time, fondest regards DD :)