Monday, 25 May 2015

In the works...

I love the diverse countryside of Wales and illustrated here is one of my working panels of a scene near Whitesands in Pembrokeshire. This painting may well develop into a much bigger offering. I enjoy working out my compositions small scale and when things feel right, I will attack a bigger canvas.

You can see this piece and other examples of my working practise at the forthcoming exhibition in Cardiff.

The chicken run
30x30cm mixed media on panel 


the veg artist said...

I love all your Pembs work, and will try to get to Cardiff, but it is !00 miles away! Do you know that there is a new Tress exhib/catalogue/big glossy book out through Messums? We received our copies yesterday - fabulous!

chris prout said...

Thank you TVA... Cardiff is well worth a trip alone. Such a vibrant city centre and bay. Well impressed!

DT's book and brochure is fab I agree...#majortalent!