Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mr Fisher and chips

I love Pembrokeshire and one of my favourite places to eat fish and chips is Porthgain.

This once thriving industrial working harbour has been painted by artists the world over. However February this year it lost a significant neighbour.

Artist John Knapp Fisher adopted this neck of West Wales and used it as his muse for some 40 years. I had the pleasure of meeting him several times and really enjoyed his work. He captures the essence of this capricious land. His work is earthy, at times minimal, raw, dark and honest. I liked it.

Mr JKF sadly passed away whilst I was working in the area preparing for my forthcoming show in Cardiff. He was very much a part of this location and his studio and gallery was visited by, well, probably thousands and thousands of interested souls, art buyers and collectors. It seemed fitting for me to paint this piece as a fond memory of a tiny bit of life and landmass shared and enjoyed. I opted to celebrate his farewell with a blue sky 'cheerio'.

Porthgain Harbour.
Acrylic on panel

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