Saturday, 20 May 2017

From sketchbook to canvas

June 9th will see my return to The Albany Gallery in Cardiff. I shall have 41 new works on show and have the company of talented ceramist Paul Wearing. 
My new works focus on a small but significant spot in and around North Pembrokeshire. Due to the failing health of my lovely old dog I found myself restricted in my creative endeavours. However with the help of friends at Pentower in Fishguard who offered accommodation for me, Josh and a place to paint. Aided also by some glorious weather, what initially seemed a major problem to overcome became the best of times for us both. The paintings were created from early September 2016 through to April 2017 and It's fair to say that the new works in essence illustrate our playground. A place we could walk (very slowly) and share (food and sunsets) what time we had left. It's a very, very happy place. The ol pooch made it through to March this year with a happy and dignified conclusion.
Illustrated here is a vital part of the process.. drawing, thinking and feeling... from sketchbook to canvas.
'Afternoon light in the Parish of Mathry'
60x60cm plus frame
acrylic on canvas panel

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