Monday, 11 June 2018

New from the West

On a recent trip to Solva, Pembrokeshower, it was very much a case of four seasons in one day. The west benefits from the most wonderful of landscape but also endures the most erratic weather. However being a painter of ‘atmospherics’... it appeals to me very much!
There is a coastal path walk from Solva to St David’s that is dramatic, dynamic and will truly make your eyes water.. though my knees were knocking so hard I’m sure they could be heard back in Northamptonshire! It’s well worth a trip.. Back at base camp however is the most beautiful of ports.. and it has it all. A huge sea, a massive sky and a clearing to watch the weather arrive.
Illustrated here is a moment before the rain, then the sun, then the wind then a high tide and so on..

This new painting along with five others from the studio will be at the summer exhibition in Cardiff at the lovely Albany Gallery, very soon.

A change is in the air
Solva - Pembrokeshire
60x60cm plus frame

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