Monday, 3 September 2018

Going for a song...

Hello All ..
This week will see our small village rallying folk to fundraise and help support our amenities. The weekend of the 8-9th September our church will be smothered in flowers, bunting will be strung, cakes will be baked and a possy of flower festival enablers will be at full tilt. Arms and legs will be crossed for fine weather and that interested visitors support too...: )
Our spot of green landmass in Northamptonshire is really tiny.. Just about 400 of us and quite a few dogs, so donations are hard earned. My personal offering is to donate this new painting of our village Church. It really would be great to raise a little to get things moving... and all proceeds of a sale of the framed original painting will go to our Flower Festival funds.
The painting ( illustrated here ) has been painted in acrylic on panel is 25 x 20cm in size. It's also presented in a bespoke hand painted frame. 'It would lovely in your living room... Honestly!'
The fun auction is open to all... If you would like to make a bid please leave a message on my Facebook page stating your interest and amount. I'll will also include Free postage delivery within the UK. Elsewhere at cost.

'If I know you'... I'm happy to take telephone bids... I do realise some folk are not so social media happy.
The auction is open now and will conclude at 7pm on Thursday 6th September 2018


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