Friday, 21 August 2009

Full frontal...and some words.

"There has been a complaint" .... apparently, “I refuse to look at the camera lens.”

“What do you look like,” was the cry???

“Why do you need to know,” I said, with my chops burrowed in a pillow!

Well, here I am,...and yes, I am standing up....and yes, that is a new shirt and yes when washed, turns everything pea green......and yes once again, that's moi, in my studio amongst the recent workings preparing for my Open studios arts festival starting on the 5th September...

So, If you're curious enough to attend, please bring a bottle of grapes and some cheese..... 'Ahem,' I mean you're most welcome to attend and of course you'll be greeted with open arms, some earl grey a custard cream and a plethora of colourful artworks to peruse.

For your information my work will also be displayed in Wellingborough, at

1 Pebble Lane, (underneath the Library) on the 5th & 12th September 10am until 4pm and wonderfully curated by Mr John La Plant. A lovely bloke who has a cool slow hand wash board technique along with comb and grease proof paper harmonica.... please quiz him about rhubarb, root vegetables and the exhibiting artists..he's quite an expert on all subjects!

The Central Exhibition for the Open Studios ( a dim sum of artistes) will be at Canons Ashby (sadly this a run down bungalow the Northamptonshire countryside near's worth a visit if you can be bothered, the Custard creams are rotten...but do support, every little helps.

Artworks will be on display at Canons Ashby from the 7th until 20th September.

With reference to the previous post “I've been shot!” and current blurb...

The pictures were taken by the experienced and ulta talented photocameraartist Boydy....

Hair by Ken Dodd, make up by Dame Edna. Shirt by Dai Run, artwork by Prouty, lighting by The Almighty.

It's been a hectic month and September promises to be the same but with more time to omit creative musings and what's going on.

Stay tuned.

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