Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Watch the birdie...

August is nearly out of sight (phew...) the migrating birds are already fuelling up, stretching they’re vital parts and heading for the sun.

It’s been an incredibly busy month what with preparing for the Open studios festival and finishing off a hefty and enjoyable illustration commission, writing and designing marketing bumph, arranging framing, prints, a new website design, eating, drinking, sleeping and the occasional dog walk....I’m also in the production stages of trading in a much more interactive way, (more soon on that) so, much breathing out and not much breathing in. All that said a truly productive period of time and rather good fun.

A September dawn beckons (Yeeehaaa)...and for me the brightest part of the year. The Open studios gives me an opportunity to showcase my work and starts a new process of presentation and marketing for the year ahead. On display will be mainly fine arty stuff but if you peruse closer you’ll discover other hidden treasures, like drawings and illustrations, visualisations for civilisations to please the nations which can drive me insanetationnnnns arrrrh! You see...that’s the August effect kicking in there!!

Ahem...so, basically, all sorts of stuff and I very much enjoy doing it all!

The intriging part of this event is in the foot fall...I get a lot of visitors which I’m very grateful for and with it the opportunity to meet all sorts of interested parties. I have no idea who I’ll meet, what I’ll sell and of what l’ll natter about and discuss. For me it’s very much a stepping stone for prospective commissions...and often months after the event I get a phone call or visit with a project in mind or to take part in this or help with that, it’s terrific and a useful way to positivly network. So, although my part in the festival is for only 5 days it's residual effect lasts far longer.

This years presentation offers much new work based on a new theme of a country garden and a twist on my usual style by adding some summer colour and zest to lift the spirits. The direction I’ve taken is designed to be optimistic and with a touch of beauty...(woo hoo, I’m getting a tad romantic there....) So, lighter and brighter from me.

Like my feathered friends and the children who are buying new geometry sets, I’m preparing for a new term, there’s much to look forward to and more of the open studios offer in the coming days.


Artwork title: Migration, acrylic on canvas 1m x 76cm

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