Friday, 30 April 2010

Thank you...

I've had the good fortune this week to be voted 'Numero Uno' in the internationally acclaimed Kettering 2010 Open Exhibition.

My three pieces, A Favourite Place No's 1, 2 and 3 were selected. No.3 being chosen as the winner...that's the one on the 1st left of the picture, so, it really ought to be No.1...though it was painted last, so it's number 3 to me, saying that I really like No.2 in the picture but that was painted first...strangely enough No.3 which was painted second, has captured 'the feel,' so, in many peoples eyes it's No.1. (ahem, sorry...momentary numerically dyslexic.)

The artwork was painted as a small project and not a triptych. Well... it's not such a small project in truth they're each a metre square so as an amalgam take up a lot of space. I was thrilled to see them displayed and I'm delighted to show you now.

I'd like to say 'well done' also to up and coming artists extraordinaire Sarah Kay and Daniel Kelly, fellow prize winners who have terrific pieces on show. Also to the other artists who made the cut and have had the chance to display work. The Sponsors Wilson Browne LLP who donated the prizes and administered the spring cleaning of the Gallery. To Kettering Council for donating the use of the exhibition space, free electricity, wine and hob nobs for the preview evening. To the gallery staff for filling all the holes in the walls and painting them white..and yet again, 'another well hung job!'

On a serious note... a superb display and 'thank you' for the generous amount of space offered to show my artwork...I'm very very chuffed indeed.



PD said...

Well done chris!

The paintings look good. I haven't had chance to see the show yet as I didn't enter this year-going through a period of exploring new ideas.

wish you good luck with sales


chris prout said...

Hi Paul
Many thanks for your good wishes...

Mucking about and exploring is an essential route to finding ones signature style of work..I've been at it for years and still searching..I think!

Looking forward to viewing your new work.. and have fun.