Saturday, 16 June 2012

Revisit, reworked, revived


There are times when I return to a piece of artwork with the aim to rework, improve or do
something different to move up a gear. The piece illustrated above is new and an image I like but have painted (and sold ) before. 'It's original but remastered!' I've always been influenced by the incredible David Tress... he's big with torn paper, collage, gloopy paint and creates energetic and atmospheric work. One really needs to see his work to get it... looking at his paintings on-line or in a brochure never seems to capture the energy and often violent stroke of his brush and palette knife. He's mega talented.
With him in mind I attacked this work using torn paper on canvas, trying something different..and looks very much like the thumbnail sketch I produced months ago before I created this work.
The finished piece is currently nestling happily above my fireplace, marinating in my thoughts of how to approach new work... I think I'll leave the layered paper approach to David, he's the King of such imagery... but I do like the effect and I enjoyed the journey to the finished artwork.

I've been very busy of late, drawing and preparing new work for shows for the end of this year and next... Architecture is starting to appear once again in my work and is a welcome return. The weather has been incredibly poor for the last 3 months and my blog entry some weeks ago about being in a drought is laughable! However the artwork above was inspired by the 'drought!!!' Aw, how I could do with 3 months of sunshine now...

Waters edge... reprise..Pitsford.
50x100cm plus frame
Acrylic and water colour paper on canvas

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Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Three weekends of wet Open Studio and now there is sunshine! Rough edges on paintings seem refreshing to me.