Monday, 27 August 2012

Mary Queen of shocks 'loses it!'

Have been on my sketching travels again and found myself along with 'le Pooch' in Fotheringhay. 
A beautiful location well hidden in the Northamptonshire countryside. Infact Northamptonshire as a county is fairly well hidden, if you don't veer off the beaten track you won't stumble across it.
Like many market towns in the area Northamptonshire has several bypasses, A14, A43, A605, M40, M1, M6 all of them very fast, busy and by the time you 'mirror, signal, manoeuvre... it's gone!'  Suffice to say, a county steeped in history, open countryside parr excellence and just like everywhere else this summer 'rain!' Saturday was warm, cloudy, thundery and raining again! However, everywhere 'I' went remained dry... so ideal for drawing. Here are just a few doodlings of my afternoon visitation and especially here at historic Fotheringhay. It was at this very location that Mary Queen of Scots was finally given a break. She'd been hounded for years, rid herself of the brave hearts, 'escaped to the country', found, 'location location location,'  a castle on a hill and 'boy what a view!'  However to top it off,  well... there you go, 'beheaded!'

Josh and I sat on the hill where once stood a castle, then a prison, now a grassy mound that requires a Flymo. You get panoramic views from this vantage point, the River Nene winds it's quiet way through the flatlands offering a gesture of animation to an otherwise superb manicured landscape. It was a wonderful few hours, even the storm laden clouds added favour to this costume drama! We'll be back.


the veg artist said...

I really enjoy reading about your jaunts and seeing your sketches, but am also quite envious as I can't help thinking that it is now much safer for man+dog to go exploring like this than for a lone female! Years ago I would not have had any qualms. I need a Josh, but that isn't practical!

chris prout said...

He's available for hire... very reasonable rates.