Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Putting my best foot forward..

Back to work today after a tiring though thoroughly enjoyable weekend. I find a really good way to kick start the day is with a run!.. Usually 3, 5 and occasionally 7 miles. Today was 4!  I really love the low sunlight at this time of year... it's crisp, clear, golden and suits me nicely thank you very much. Getting up early and enjoying the quiet roads and huge skies which we benefit from here at HQ Lodders ticks all the boxes for me. I have to walk 'le pooch' also of course. So early mornings are quite energised.

So here I am, in my studio, the radios on (well done Andy Murray) mug of coffee, resting my bones and considering the day ahead.

Hmm.. Better get on lots to do!

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