Friday, 18 January 2013

Summer and the snow

I've just been painting some more water... it's topical I guess for we've had a great deal to wallow in this past 9 months. If that wasn't enough as I write things are turning to solids.
The summer past was grey and there were times I found the wetness pretty relentless. Creatively I find something to capture just about everywhere I go. This however was challenging.
Above is a piece of contemplation... and I recall it vividly. It was August, cold, wet and grey (sounds like Winter)  And Josh and I were a tad fed up... It was raining (again)  and the wind was revving up over the reservoir and creating a nice cool off shore breeze the along Brixworth road... It really wasn't a day for Speedos and duckie arm bands... The way things are going they'll be including Pitsford on the shipping forecast. Ho hum...

So, a memory captured, painted on board in acrylic and nestled on a nice bed of freshly fallen snow.

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the veg artist said...

I've lived in West Wales all my life, and thought I was used to rain, but I have to admit, it got to me this "summer". Still, we live in hope!