Friday, 28 June 2013

I'm ready, are you?

Can't wait until next Tuesday. I'll be driving, carrying, unwrapping, positioning, hanging and going ooooh and arrrrhhhh.... up a bit, down a bit... and preparing form my second solo show. It's been two long and challenging years since my last outing and not what I planned. But I'm back, leaner and fitter. They'll be new promo cards to nab and greeting cards to purchase (all looking very cool too..), a prize draw to win a rather natty canvas print, all the work big and small is new, unseen and for sale! 'I'm very very excited about it all.' So come and have a peek. It kicks off in a weeks time (6th July) ... and I'll have to face the music with Joe public, which is always challenging... but always rewarding. I just hope somebody turns up. Anyway, I'm ready and twiddling me thumbs and wanting to 'Go Go Goch!!' 

Should be a fun week ahead.

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