Monday, 28 October 2013

Storming stuff!

I'm currently painting for my summer solo show in July / August 2014. My subject matter is the sea but  coastlines of two halves and quite massive contrasts. North Norfolk and South West Wales are the topographic antithisis of each other. I won't bore you with it now... but suffice to say, on a recent working visit to Cley and surrounds I unexpectidly got what I wished for.

Previous visits to Norfolk have often left me a little dumbfounded. I knew there was a coastline but rarely saw the sea... occasionally my ankles got wet and then salt marshes disappeared and then reappeared. But never it's fair to say with any urgency. So the term 'Mill Pond' has always stuck with me.  However a couple of weeks ago I was confronted with changes. Our glorious Indian summer had mutated into a Welshone and it went a little like this.... 'Wind direction from the North, 60mph gusts an autumn high tide, cooler temperatures.. And of course I was on a North facing coastline. 'How Marvellous!'

It was then I discovered that with the right conditions Norfolk does have a raging sea... I happily sketched and absorbed the salty air along with a plethora of fellow spectators. It was at times quite unnerving as the sea hit the shingle sea defences. The intimidating north sea is an angry beast and it slammed the shore coughing up spume as I caught my breath in the howling wind. After an hour and with the sea defence breached I retreated and thought... 'now that Prouty is what I call the sea!' It inspired me and from that moment I've changed my mindset about the location and has dutifully put me in the right frame of mind for my forthcoming show.

Above is a new piece called titled 'Swell...' and for me, It captures a moment of positive change.

Acrylic on paper

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johners said...

I told you Norfolk was special!