Sunday, 27 October 2013

Puttn' on the Ritz

I returned home last night from an excellent preview day at 'gallerytop.' I very much enjoyed meeting friendly new folk in what is new working territory for me. Gill and Keith have made a fantastic job of displaying the work in the gallery and their enthusiasm for my paintings and Eddie Curtis's excellent ceramics shines through. I'm a very happy chap.

A happy day was punctuated by moments of sheer joy. Firstly the sun shone, we had music par excellence, good humour, nattered to folk who had just purchased a suit of armour for the price of a decent Porsche and a lovely customer who requested a health certificate from me and notice of my imminent passing ... Just incase the price of my work shoots up in value. An insurance policy I guess!' And to cap it all, wine, smoked salmon and 'ritz biscuits.'  The salty little critters clinched the day for me... haven't had a ritz for over 25 years. I'm now an addict!

Thank you very much to all who came along to say hello, made lovely comments and purchased.


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