Thursday, 24 October 2013


I do love staring out to sea and squinting into the sunshine. I also enjoy some kind of narrative in my paintings. I always need a project or a notion of what I'm trying to say so I can move forward. Hence I tend  paint in series of works.  I painted this piece in February this year. Inspired by the sea and watching people walking hand in hand along the shore nattering and maybe thinking of Valentines day. Perhaps considering the hopes and desperation of that given moment in the calender. Like everybody else I love inscribing in the sand too...
So, here we are, a painting full of notions. For me it's about place, movement, industry, light, colour, shape, people, memories and messages... So little going on really..

'Take me I'm yours..'
Acrylic on board, warm winter sun, sand and optimism.

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