Monday, 7 July 2014

Over the airwaves... UPDATE...

I'm being interviewed this afternoon about my current solo exhibition 'Coast to Coast' with the
chatty John Griff on BBC Radio Northampton. 3.30pm

Update: Here is an opportunity to listen to the talented and interesting Mr John Griff… If you scroll through the show you'll find me nosing in at 1hour 41 minutes
(please, just put up with me ok..:-)

This radio transcript will disintegrate in 7 days.

Many thanks to John G.

Sorry... this has now been taken off the airwaves.. 14.07.2014


the veg artist said...

And so I listened, expecting to hear a Welsh accent! Good interview, though, very interesting.

chris prout said...

Hmm.. I guess it is a bit mid Atlantic in an Wenglish kinda way. I'm still a boy from the West though.. And the vowels do revert at times :-)