Monday, 14 July 2014

Postures new..

I've just returned from a happy time spent on the Suffolk coast. (And I'm full of ideas already!) New shapes, new light and a new perspective on things for me. One would think that Norfolk and Suffolk would be quite similar... 'not for me!' The water and it's proximity are quite different.The offer of land based things like humanoids, dogs, their walkers and buildings, beach huts and cargo ships sit quite differently in or near the water. The geography, it's shapes and postures are uniquely different... It's really caught my eye, Nuff said!

However on matters current, my solo show at The Alfred East Art Gallery has been terrific! I'm really chuffed. Here's a new painting unseen before and in the exhibition.
I hope you get the chance to have a peek. Just 6 weeks left...

Abandoned on a beautiful day
acrylic on artboard - 

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