Sunday, 31 August 2014

Yoo hoo...

It's September and a favourite time of year for me. It's the start of a new term and with lot's going on and up and coming here at HQ Loddington. Sadly there is no Northamptonshire Open studios visual arts festival this year...The OS is a lovely opportunity for interested folk to come and view my work, my studio, have a natter and eat all my cake. It gives me the chance to meet lovely people who buy my work, who would like to buy my work and who think they might want to purchase work. You can just walk in and walk out. You can walk in and fuss the dog, you can come and stay all day.. I don't mind as long as you assist with the washing up. You can come and natter, do some weeding and if you are really interested I've a very attractive feather duster on a stick that creates much attention... You can have a waft of that if you fancy.

I love the open studios and I'm keeping my part of it going. This year I'm calling it 'Chris's Studio Exhibition.' You are welcome to come and visit and feel free to pass this information on to interested art lovers.

Kind regards


Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

For those of us who would love to come and natter for a whole day, hug your dog and maybe do a little washing up. Can I see your feather duster please?

Deborah Darling said...

Hello Chris, so lovely to have found you via blog landingtons today. I would love to come and visit and tickle the house, dog and you with the feather duster, but I am sadly squidged up on the coast in pembrokeshire and can only ride a house and cant drive. Else I would be there like a shot and sample your cake :) and love your work. But I am going to add you to my blogg list for all to see and appropriately worship :) I did see in a previous post that you mentioned welshlandingtons, so if you are ever up near st dogmaels, pembrokeshire, do let me know and I will bake you some hot madeleines and dig out my pink feather duster for you to see. Your work is gorgeous and I will be keeping a keen eye on your blogg and your work from now on, squeezes, sparklers and rockets to you and yours,sincerely, Ms Darling xxx

chris prout said...

Hello DD

Thank you very much for your lovely and funny posting! There's nowt wrong with being squidged up in St Dogmaels DD.. I know it well and plan a visit in the coming months.

Many thanks for your support :-)