Sunday, 14 September 2014

By special request...

It's that time of year when I do an extra bit of sprucing up around HQ. I open my doors, breathe in and
confront the world face on. I do love to open my studio up and natter with interested folk. We talk about art, life, beauty... whilst Josh sticks his nose in your crutch, for that is how Labradors say hello.

Each year I create new work, hang it delicately and in a considered fashion. People visit, make nice noises and say...Oooh and arrr and are you serious??!!!  We share refreshments, cake, friendship and the occasional bonio. I even hoover and plump up the cushions, buy flowers and play soothing calm music on the igramophone. The garden will be pruned and swept and all will be ok with the world. I will return to my freshly painted walls and once again straighten frames, prepare labels and arrange crash mats for folks when they see the prices of these things. The fire will be on and the waft of burning timber will be abound. You may also hear the gentle sound of of a happy dog snoring.. or maybe a bored visitor pretending to be a Labrador. But no matter what I do, or how I do it... There is a distraction that steals the limelight. So here it is.. for the last time... (and there have been requests for a sighting) ...So here it is 'The feather duster!!'

Feel free to join in. From Friday 19th and more... 12-5pm, You know where I am and I thank yoo.

ps... Very soon 'The Painter's Progress' is to disappear.. so please enjoy it whilst you can :-)

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