Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Delighted to announce...

I can't deny I love a bit of Welshness. Though I've been living away from the Principality for quite some time I continue to feel connected with my home turf. I have been a frequent visitor of course, yet I do think the distance and beauty of the land and sea keeps me wanting to explore more and return.

Here's a favourite piece, place and recent sale of mine. It a bit of Welshness of course and now resides with some lovely folk in sunny Hampstead. It's creation was whilst I was on the road to Strumble Head and well.. Down came the mist!  So I dutifully leaped out of my car, sketched like fury, captured the moment, breathed in and absorbed the atmosphere. The situation never left me and was easy to paint on my return to the studio. I really enjoy the diverse weather conditions of such a south westerly location... it lends itself to dynamic and spontaneous artwork. It's also a draw for such brilliant artist's as David Tress, John Knapp Fisher, Kurt Jackson, Neil Pinkett and numerous others. I'm no different.. It's exciting and often wet!

In recent weeks I've had the good fortune to be given the chance to return and immerse myself in some more Welshness. I've been found by a terrific and truly established gallery. I've also been told that next year I shall be having my first exhibition of Welshness in Cardiff!  'How lucky am I?'
All will be revealed in due course and  I'll be on show during May & June 2015. So I'd better do as I'm told and get on with it!!

Suffice to say, I'm thrilled, excited and a very happy boy!

Illustrated above:
On my way to Strumble head and down came the mist
40x40cm plus frame
Acrylic on canvas board


the veg artist said...

That's brilliant!

chris prout said...

That's kind of you to say.