Sunday, 12 October 2014

How lovely

Have had the most thoroughly enjoyable day at the Cambridge City Art Fair. My hour stint on the stand with Sara at The Saffron Walden Art Gallery stretched to two and a half hours. I met lovely folk and nattered about art and how we get to creating it. We all shared coffees, stories and talked some nonsense too. It was great and thank you very much to the hosts and The SWAG for the invite.

Tomorrow is another day and ( hip hip hooray) day one of my new project for spring 2015.
I'm very excited! In preparation I've been working in The Peaks. It was kinda sunshiny, then sunshine and showers, rain, heavy rain, torrential down pours, thumping dolloping great downpours, thunder and then even more poured down.. and of course an everyday tornado!!  All in a day's work of course and it added a little drama to proceedings.

For me the fun on canvas and paper starts at 9am sharp! Could be interesting...

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