Saturday, 8 March 2014

Well there you go..

I've returned from an epic period away and for me it's an 'environmotional' thing..
To be creative I need to see it, feel it, smell it...  Only then I can consider painting it.

'My head is spinning, Pembrokeshire has been stunning.'


Printed Material said...

Chris, I remember finding your blog last year after seeing that sketch of the Parrog. Great to read that it will become the start of a finished piece of work. We've had a good couple of weeks down here in Pembrokeshire so you picked a great time to visit us. I shall be following the development of your ideas with a keen interest! Lesley

chris prout said...

Hello Lesley

Thank you for your mail.
Yes, I've had a lovely time in Pembrokeshire. The first time I've visited in a March. Has been a real treat and my head is full of ideas..

Many thanks

the veg artist said...

It is looking rather good here, I must admit. All it takes is a bit of sunshine!